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Kristin & David work together assisting clients in their South Oregon Coast Homes search. We are Bandon Tech Refugees: “Experienced Online Marketing Makes a REAL Difference.”

Real Estate Team in Bandon, Oregon.

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Experienced! “State of the Art Online Marketing Makes a REAL Difference.”

South Oregon Coast Homes “The Bandon Life” Your escape is waiting

Factoid: Bandon is 89 miles from the nearest Interstate Highway. Some of the best riding on the West Coast…


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We’re pleased to have had the opportunity to assist these property sellers. We took the listing for this property with the shared goal of getting it sold this season. Noting that it had been on the market for years – we adjusted the price and marketing tactics. Winner. Feeling frustrated with how your listing is …

Bandon Life: Summer

We’re taking lessons from “Basho”.  Bandon life says: stay out late, enjoy the summer nights. Come home early in the morning (yup, we noticed, kitty.) Sleep ’till noon. The Garden is producing again, the second crop. We re-habbed the beds with compost locally produced with fish carcasses and tree shreds. Full of oyster shell chips …


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Our store features premium items from local hand-makers.

Referrals welcome. We are looking for makers and new products.

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“BTW, love your website as well educating us on Bandon area.”

Randy S

Congrats to David and Kristin for providing a new alternative for professional real estate expertise in Bandon and surrounding areas. I have know both for several years and have worked with them as well. They provide a comprehensive team approach to navigating local real estate opportunities. It would be well worth your time to seek …

Wood Sabold

David and Kristin are a terrific pair! Both are so professional and provide outstanding help to anyone walking in the door. Their number one concern is to be of service not to just sell a property. They took time to get to know me and and my needs. I was especially interested in learning about …

Deborah Maher

I talked to * tonight and I believe I owe you much gratitude. I love this man. He is a tough nut to crack and you two have managed to crack that shell. He likes you both so much and more importantly he trusts you. I am feeling such optimism. And again, thank you so …


Kristin and David: We enjoy hearing from our clients and others – positive feedback is most welcome. But we’re committed to doing our best, so please let us know how we’re doing? What can we do better? Write us with your opinion.