Visiting to Build In Bandon? Stay in your RV?

We’ve fielded several questions recently about purchasing vacant property in Bandon, and living in an RV while building. Here is what a city official says:

“Here’s the language from Bandon’s municipal code – you can find it online at in Chapter 15.

15.14.060 Occupancy of a recreational vehicle. No person shall occupy an RV for cooking or sleeping purposes within the city, outside a recreational vehicle park licensed by the state of Oregon, except as provided in Chapter 15.12 of this code.

15.12.070.D. Property Maintenance Permit. The owner of a vacant residential property who does not reside in Coos County and who desires to park an RV on the property periodically while maintaining vegetation or performing tasks preliminary to construction of a residence may obtain a permit from the city recorder under the following conditions:

1. The unit shall be occupied by the owner of the property or the owner’s designee a maximum of four days per calendar quarter, under the general provisions of Sections 15.12.050 and 15.12.060.
2. No more than one unit may be located on the property.
3. A permit shall be obtained for each visit during the year.
4. The unit may not be stored on the property when not in use.

As you can see, the code is not designed to encourage long stays on vacant property within the city.”

Update July 28, 2017

We asked the same questions of Coos County. Blog Post Link to that article.

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