Visiting To Build in Coos County? Stay in your RV?

The City of Bandon answered our question on the codes affecting property owners as they build on undeveloped sites or, remodel existing structures. We’re adding to the subject by including the position of the County. Below are comments received via email from Coos County staff. (With the Editors’ adjustments for context and readability.)

“The only zone that would possibly allow for the use your client has requested is Recreation (REC). RV’s are not meant to be lived in for an extended period of time outside of an approved RV park. Short camping periods may be allowed in some zones but not to exceed 45 days. The only exception is in the case of a medical hardship or while building a dwelling on the property but these are only allowed on a temporary basis.

(Coos County is) actively contacting people that are living RV’s without proper permits. We give them 30 days to move the RV or move out of the RV.  If compliance is not achieved they will be fined $2000 each time until the compliance issue is resolved.”

Here is the link to the area of county code that governs the matter: Portals/0/Planning/Chapter% 204.pdf?ver=2016-02-23-153356-440

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