Fiber Internet Access in Bandon? Yes.

If Eugene / Springfield is the “Silicon Shire” then we’re calling Bandon “Rohandon”.

Rohan in the Tolkien Trilogy is the home of the Horse People. Bandon, after all, has one of just two State Beach parks that provide horse-friendly facilities on the Oregon Coast.

Many businesses and homes in Bandon enjoy ‘Fiber to the ‘Net. And so Bandon is a great location for “connected” people and businesses to operate. As a point of reference, Bandon is a nearly equal distance drive to Seattle or San Francisco and the “Silicon Valley” where all this started.

According to Google Maps:
Seattle to Bandon: 7 h 54 min (419 miles)
San Francisco to Bandon: 8 h 44 min (527 miles)


Fiber to the home
Fiber Internet Access is customarily delivered/carried in orange plastic tubing. This makes it easy to recognize.


With world-class internet access and top of the list Links style Golf … what a location for High Tech offices!

Bandon’s future businesses include: An Engineering bull-pen, a Tech Think Tank, or a Tech Hotel.

We think the likes of Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle and others will find us ready to host and support them.

What’s Fiber Internet Access looks like? Look for the customary orange tube. It houses the fiber. This installation is operated by (formerly Comspan.) It’s one of two points of presence at this particular location. One on the cottage office and the other on the main residence at the property in NW. Bandon. To any information-age worker this kind of infrastructure is incredibly valuable.

If you’re a techie from the Bay Area, Portland or Seattle? Do you think you could work remotely from here? Yup.

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  1. I think if Eugene Oregon is Known as the “Silicon Shire” we’ll start calling Bandon “Rohandon” after Rohan the home of the horse people in Tolkien’s tales. We do after all have one of only two Oregon Beaches that have been installed with livestock facilities … like ramps to get horses down from trailers.

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