“Rohandon” – Bandon’s High Tech Future

Since hanging out our Real Estate shingle, I’ve had conversations with current and former associates in Tech (Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, LA…)

“Why Bandon?!” is a question, of course.

I’m describing Bandon’s attributes and techies are always concerned with the availability of high-speed internet for homes and businesses. I point out we have fiber access to the internet. To techies this is huge. Here’s a post about the subject:

Fiber Internet Access in Bandon? Yes.

The SF Bay area is known as the “Silicon Valley.” Not long ago the Eugene/Springfield region adopted calling themselves the “Silicon Shire” which takes after Tolkien’s Hobbit home in the famous Trilogy.

Rohan in the Tolkien Trilogy, is the region of the Horse People. Bandon is sort of a suburb of the Eug-field (or Spring-gene?) “Silicon Shire” corridor. So, I started referring to our high tech future as “Rohandon.”  We in “Rohandon” after all, enjoy one of just two State Beach parks that provide horse-friendly facilities on the Oregon Coast.

Contacts in Portland, down to Eugene get it already.

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  1. Answering some questions that have come up:

    LightNet has promised details on how they’re improving their fiber. This doesn’t mean more addresses in Bandon served, but an excellent backbone. The latter is much more important critical infrastructure to corporate relocation/development concerns. Companies bear the costs to interconnect to it.

    We have been surprised by the ratio of buyers we’ve talked to wanting horse property, and this only lends itself to the storyline and derivation of the “Rohandon” nickname. I hope this got a chuckle. Equestrian amenities aren’t the issue. Yet: Horses on the beach remain among aspirational aspects of Bandon (including access to Golf) that are facets of a package that can be attractive.

    Some of the underlying parameters: Quality of Life for mission-critical employees. Access to telecom & transit. Proximity to out of region travel. Affordability of property and ease of regulatory implementation.

    Bandon enjoys all of these attributes and others: a rural feel (vis-a-vis recent crime data) and classy, arts-friendly culture. By the way, I’ll bet many of the horse people I worked with at Patagonia in Ventura (think Ojai) are looking for a way out of CA.

    I don’t think we’ll move a clothing retailer here, but I do think an Executive Office/Retreat Hotel is a possibility. Design Studio Operations, Engineering Battle Spaces. There are several other verticals.

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