Phone’s ringin’ off the hook!

Yes we did… Change Brokerages, that is.  Why?

For a range of reasons, none of which are really interesting to folks who follow us EXCEPT this one :  we are tech refugees, turning up a Real Estate practice on the South Oregon Coast.

We don’t expect this to be easy (and it’s not.) But we enjoy huge advantages, and we have gone with precisely because of their 100% online footprint.

Someday, if we’re compelled by circumstances, we might open an office in Bandon. You know, like a place with a door and signs, desks, coffee maker… lot’s of operating expenses.

But we’re leaner and more agile because we don’t have such hindrances and headaches. gives eXp Realty 5 of 5 stars:

Here is a glimpse of what we’ll be bringing to our clients:

Thanks, everyone, for your support and encouragement. Yes, we did. We’ve joined the group.

By the way is HQ’d in Bellingham, WA. I used to drive from Bozeman, MT to date Kristin while she attended WWU there. Cool connection, yeah?

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