North Bend – Mentioned in Top 4 Beach Towns

Not really Beach Front. This is “Borrowed Scenery” A view of the Coquille River and Bullards Beach State Park in the distance. Bandon, Oregon.

Interesting article published in a Real Estate Blog. Be careful though: North Bend is more than three hours from Seattle. The article has that detail  wrong. It’s not clear where the author gets her info or what her selection criteria are.

Definitely, property is more affordable along the Oregon Coast than most places…

Flights from Seattle to North Bend are: 5h 20m duration with at least one stop  (San Francisco…) Seattle, WA (SEA) to North Bend, OR (OTH.)

The drive is only an hour longer… 6h 20m (mapped below.)

And, interestingly, we are nearly an equidistant drive to San Francisco.

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