Team Work. How Does it Work?

Together we can accomplish what we can’t on our own. Together we can get what we need!

Kristin and I share an email address:

When you use it to contact us, one or the other of us will respond — or both!  The point is that “two are better than one.” If you email us at that address you can expect a response almost immediately.

Have you ever emailed someone and waited for even just an acknowledgement that it was received? Frustrating.

We’re committed to not only doing Real Estate differently, but “better.”

Being responsive is a very real component of why we’re affiliated with Depth and breadth of resources.

If we’re working with clients who live out of the area, we often use an online meeting / video teleconference. We can easily share computer screens.

But if we really want to keep things confidential, our clients can join us in the virtual workspace we use called eXpWorld.

But eXpWorld is more than something to show off; it’s where we go to meet with our colleagues, have team meetings with all other Oregon eXp Agents, attend seminars and receive training. If we have issues with a contract or technology, we simply visit the appropriate eXpWorld department and support staff for help, 24×7.   eXp Realty itself is a network of several thousand agents and brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Working as a Team gives Kristin and me the ability to focus our attention on the areas of our practice that we’re good at.  If you’re searching for property and exploring the area in general, Kristin is really great at assisting the process. If you’re looking for property valuation (CMA), wanting to make an offer or listing property for sale, David tends to pick up those tasks. We collaborate on property descriptions and marketing, showings and all of the other stuff. There are divisions of labor and lots of overlap and coverage when one or the other is busy.

We’re enthusiastic proponents of enjoying “The Bandon Life.”

How can we help you find your place on the South Oregon Coast?




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