Bandon Life: Saturday Is For Shop Chores. Yay!

She says “Honey we need to wash the spiders off the siding.” And I think to myself. Yes and blast out the gutters, and a few other items…

We love working in the shop on Saturday Mornings. After breakfast, and with coffee. The radio blares Dylan “Ya gotta serve somebody.”  I rehash the verse to “now it may be the devil or it may be your wife…” I’m laughing out loud at the irony.

But first there is that 9 year old pressure washer. It’s a good one, but it needs:

  • Fuel line replaced to add a shut-off valve.
  • Carburator replacement
  • Electrical repairs

The parts ordered (love Amazon Prime.)  But – that carburetor isn’t the same. Can you see the difference. So this Saturday’s “routine” maintenance effort becomes another exercise in rehabilitation. Amen? Normal.

They are the “same but different.” Back to abnormal at the farm.

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