Bandon Life: Saturday Is For Shop Chores. Yay!

She says “Honey we need to wash the spiders off the siding.” And I think to myself. Yes and blast out the gutters, and a few other items…

We love working in the shop on Saturday Mornings. After breakfast, and with coffee. The radio blares Dylan “Ya gotta serve somebody.”  I rehash the verse to “now it may be the devil or it may be your wife…” I’m laughing out loud at the irony.

But first there is that 9 year old pressure washer. It’s a good one, but it needs:

  • Fuel line replaced to add a shut-off valve.
  • Carburator replacement
  • Electrical repairs

The parts ordered (love Amazon Prime.)  But – that carburetor isn’t the same. Can you see the difference. So this Saturday’s “routine” maintenance effort becomes another exercise in rehabilitation. Amen? Normal.

They are the “same but different.” Back to abnormal at the farm.

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Your Bandon Dream Home – Price Reduced 1.4 Acre Golf Links Estates Property

Build your Bandon dream home on this 1.42 acre Golf Links Estates property

The large size of this parcel holds great potential. Located in an upscale neighborhood off of Seabird Drive.  You’ll have plenty of space for a Shop, RV Pad, Art Studio or Greenhouse. The site enjoys excellent sun exposure; it is not shaded by tall trees (as seen in this video.)

Access nearby Beaches by a enjoying a flat 1/2 mile walk or bike ride.

Your new home will be located in a quiet residential neighborhood where CC&Rs (codes, covenants and restrictions) are in place to protect homeowner investment.

Charming Old Town Bandon minutes away.

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Utilities are delivered underground. City services — water, power and sewer — are ready to hook up (check with the City of Bandon about their fees).  High Speed internet, cable TV and telephone are ready as well.  The western edge of the lot is bordered by concrete sidewalk (Photos in gallery below.)

Parcel subdivision subject to Application & City of Bandon.

Price Reduced $9,000.00 May 5th. How long can it last at just $90.000?

Contact Us Now!

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Team Work. How Does it Work?

Together we can accomplish what we can’t on our own. Together we can get what we need!

Kristin and I share an email address:

When you use it to contact us, one or the other of us will respond — or both!  The point is that “two are better than one.” If you email us at that address you can expect a response almost immediately.

Have you ever emailed someone and waited for even just an acknowledgement that it was received? Frustrating.

We’re committed to not only doing Real Estate differently, but “better.”

Being responsive is a very real component of why we’re affiliated with Depth and breadth of resources.

If we’re working with clients who live out of the area, we often use an online meeting / video teleconference. We can easily share computer screens.

But if we really want to keep things confidential, our clients can join us in the virtual workspace we use called eXpWorld.

But eXpWorld is more than something to show off; it’s where we go to meet with our colleagues, have team meetings with all other Oregon eXp Agents, attend seminars and receive training. If we have issues with a contract or technology, we simply visit the appropriate eXpWorld department and support staff for help, 24×7.   eXp Realty itself is a network of several thousand agents and brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Working as a Team gives Kristin and me the ability to focus our attention on the areas of our practice that we’re good at.  If you’re searching for property and exploring the area in general, Kristin is really great at assisting the process. If you’re looking for property valuation (CMA), wanting to make an offer or listing property for sale, David tends to pick up those tasks. We collaborate on property descriptions and marketing, showings and all of the other stuff. There are divisions of labor and lots of overlap and coverage when one or the other is busy.

We’re enthusiastic proponents of enjoying “The Bandon Life.”

How can we help you find your place on the South Oregon Coast?




Listing is “Sale Pending.” Make a Back Up Offer? Let’s be careful…

Bandon is a bit of a smaller market and buyer energy seems a bit pent-up because property inventories are (relatively speaking) in short supply.  And so, sometimes clients want ‘inside’ information about a pending transaction. And if they’re very serious about a particular property, we’ll process paperwork so they can make a  ‘Back Up Offer.”

First Position is an offer that puts the property in ‘Sale Pending’ status. Second Position is waiting in line with an accepted Back Up Offer to see if the First Position contract completes or not.

Most Agents completely respect when we seek more information.

But here’s the thing:

Seeking private information about a contract we are not party to is, putting it bluntly, almost unethical. As would it would also be for the Sellers to disclose what is, essentially, confidential information. Asking “How’s it going” solicits an opinion that could get someone in trouble.

By acceptance of a Back Up Offer, the Sellers have agreed to inform Back Up Offerors about the status of the First Position contract.  Here is copy of the the relevant text in the “Back Up Offer Addendum”:

14 (2) If Seller formally and completely terminates the First Position Transaction in writing with the First Position Buyer, Seller shall promptly notify Buyer in
15 writing that Buyer has been automatically moved to First Position (“Notification”)

Backup Offerors **need** to have the Sellers “formally and completely terminate” the prior agreement. Otherwise we really want nothing to do with it. Aggrieved parties could have grounds for lawsuits.

We’ve been made aware that, hounding the Listing Agent, like: emailing and texting / phone calling can be construed as an attempt to interfere. (No kidding.)

Having said so…

…most Agents are  willing to technically “bend the rules” to share what they feel is appropriate.

Out of respect, we (Kristin and I) really don’t want to interrupt the Listing Agent with uncomfortable questions to which they shouldn’t feel compelled to respond. This is especially true in situations where the First Position offer seems solid.

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to assist buyers (and sellers, naturally.) Communicating these notions with clients is exactly what they should expect and why they should seek independent representation.

We will always operatine to keep the separation of interests very clean and unimpeachable.


Marijuana Stocks Could Be a Buzzkill – Barron’s

We are recently informed that over-production in Oregon has resulted in crop price collapse and financial trouble for some early property investors in this space. Simply passing on news and making our followers aware …

U.S. cannabis sales already generate $50 billion annually, versus $60 billion for wine and about $75 billion for tobacco.