Marketing Plan Basics

We cultivate an evolving vision for marketing real estate that emphasizes placing advertising in front of people who are searching for property. As opportunities online continue to expand and present themselves – both out of the local area and in our community – we will act to leverage them. Our approach is to assemble an “ecology” of advertising placements, that are tuned to the types of buyers typically interested in a particular type of property.

This requires constant effort online to keep up with search and advertising technology. As well as travelling periodically to attend trade shows and other ongoing educational events. We return with fresh, effective ideas and methods that we apply for our clients immediately.

Content that we privately produce and deploy very quickly include:

Virtual tour (video and aerial depending on property) and custom Home page / Landing Page on

Yard signs that can be seen! With Text-back and QR accessible info links. This is our regional multiple listing services site.  We source professionally photographed galleries, Tour video. Floor Plan and/or Site and Street Map placed in the images section (easy to find, replicates to downstream real estate sites) the RMLS listing is cross-linked directly to

Downstream Realestate sites:, Realtor, Trulia, Listhub… a range of others, are automatically fed the MLS info.

Craigslist, Houz, etc. We make ad placements directly on these sites.

Social Media feeds (with paid ads) Facebook, Twitter, etc. – That connect out of area buyers in appropriate online communities directly to the property landing page on

Web Presence Feeds and paid advertising (Adwords) that feature the Landing Page content on

Effective, narrowly targeted online advertising campaign.

Intelligence:, Agile use of ad viewer activity: Page Analytics and Keyword analysis. (Example report here.)


Signage – street and digital. A sign with contact information is placed on the lot as well as directional signs that point to the site along neighboring streets. We also produce ads that appear on digital signs. These might be in grocery stores, or in shop windows.

Interactive Window Signs in our local market (coming soon!)

QR Code links: on street and/or digital signs, personalized property fliers.

Realtor Tours: Scheduled locally with other Agents, follow-up contacted by email.

Open Houses:  For the public, advertised locally and online.

Secured Entry: (key lock-box)

Property Maintenance Services – to keep the house and grounds well groomed.

Kristin & David Gerhart.  Bandon. Oregon Licensed Brokers.

We do not waste advertising budget to have our listings included in local real estate print media and brochures. These tend to be out of date the moment they’re placed in bins.